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Democracy Now — August 22, 2016

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Top U.S. & World Headlines from Democracy Now — August 22, 2016

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as of 8/22/2016

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This Project is in BETA!

It is a pet project created with love by the HD5 Downtown Denver for Bernie Sanders team, who created
The Bernie Directory!

Our concept is simple - Progressives need a modern, easy to use social media alternative!
Facebook emphasizes the mainstream media over the the alternative,  deemphasizing the issues which matter most to progressive voters.
Here you'll find many of the same features, all centered around your Progressive values and ideals.
We're still working out tons of kinks, but we figure now is the time many Progressives may be looking to get away from traditional
Social Media, and we wanted to start to offer an alternative as soon as possible.

This thing began at midnight on 3/16/2016 and is literally growing every hour, be patient as it develops.
Request an account to get started!

Please share our video with you're friends, we're trying to get as many Progressive folks on board as possible!

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