The Green Party Map is Closed

The Green Party Map is closing its doors due to lack of usage. We have enjoyed being a directory for Green Party members, and we have left that functionality here on this message so that people can still find what information we had in the repository, though it will become quite outdated at some point. We enjoyed crafting the community aspect of this site and hoped that "Going International" would help draw in a large audience of users.

However, what few visitors we get a week would not warrant the upkeep this page takes. So it is with a heavy heart that we close this page. Thank you for your support over the past year. Maybe we'll see you down the road.


We are not an official page associated with The Green Party US, Partido Verde or any other Green Organization. Grassroot Democracy runs this page. Created by the folks who created The Bernie Directory, United Progress and the Progressive Proletariat Podcast.

This page is not in any way associated with any locally made Green Map® or Green Map System.

Our page is created entirely by volunteers out of Colorado, using WordPress and Google Maps of our own creation.


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